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At 5th Position Method, we believe that body awareness is the foundation of a healthy way of being. We teach body awareness as an integrative longevity practice with a foundation of ballet techniques. Our method helps to improve range of motions with proper breathing techniques, increase muscle stamina, and prevent sports injury.



Ballet strengthens muscles in all parts of the body. The legs, back, arms and core are the main muscle groups which will benefit from strengthening through ballet exercises, which is why ballet dancers typically have slender figures. 


Ballet inspired workouts are considered aerobic exercises because the muscles used during the training require a large amount of oxygen to perform. This results in an increased workload for the lungs and heart and it strengthens the heart and circulatory system. 


Ballet inspired workouts include training of jumps, poses and turns, which require good balance. Practicing such discipline is the perfect way to improve balance and stability, which is crucial for our everyday activities. Having a good balance is vital to being effective as an athlete and dancers which in turn increases the overall fitness level.


When we increase in speed in our movements with the correct techniques, it helps us to perform more advanced tasks with solid foundation. 


Concentrating on precise movements requires extreme focus. Our program is designed to train mind and body connection, which leads to enhancing our attention span and focus. 


 Having great flexibility not only elongates your lines but also enrich the quality of the movements. The benefits of ballet-inspired stretches include sculpting and toning your muscles and reduces the risk of injuries and soreness. 

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The invention of this method originally was intended for the recovery of my own injuries. I’ve discovered how important it is to have an understanding of our body anatomy and gain a foundation of body awareness. I’m proud to say the 5th Position Method is committed to the mission of providing natural solutions that enhance people’s health and wellness.

— Victoria Vargas, The 5th Position Method Founder

Method is highly beneficial for all type of athletes.

Practicing ballet and ballet fitness the 5 th P. Method is highly beneficial for all type of athletes. And for those who don’t quite fancy donning a pair of ballet shoes, our sports training class is perfect. It is designed with the athlete in mind, focusing on all the above key areas, in a fun, comfortable setting with like-minded boys.

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